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Peace Over Pain - Kevin Reese

I thought this book was great, but I’ll tell you my biases up front.

@dr.reese and I work together, and he sent me this book. I am inclined to be nicer to people I like, and I have a hard time being mean about a gift.

But! I have given bad reviews to at least two of my mentors on this page. Peace Over Pain would get a good review from me regardless, because it’s good.

My other bias is that I’m very familiar with this subject, and Dr. Reese is giving his translation of the same message we do. So I am unable to view this book as an outsider. I don’t know how effective it is for teaching these concepts to someone fresh, but I imagine that it will be effective. It’s very clear and Kevin’s writing is breezy, relatable, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or words.

The book is in three parts: posture, nutrition, and mindset. People familiar with my work will already be familiar with the nutrition section, but Kevin’s words really are a great review of the subject. Posture and mindset are things you won’t get much of from me or Dr Wallach @wallachswarriors , and Dr. Reese really brings a more comprehensive approach to health by including posture and mentality in detail.

This is a small book but it doesn’t really feel like it. Dr. Reese covers a lot of ground very efficiently. There is a lot of value here without it being a textbook. I think it would be a great introduction to natural healing, and it’s also informative to those of us already immersed in the subject.

I was writing my latest book at the same time Reese was writing this, and we ended up saying a few things almost in the same way. In many cases, I think he explained things better and faster than I did. We are totally on the same page about health, except he has extra expertise in postural therapy and more.

I have been doing postural therapy for about a month at the time of writing, with Dr. Reese's help, and it has already nearly completely fixed my hips (I was born with dysplasia, which nutrition alone cannot fix).

@dr.reese is very qualified to deliver this information to you, and he’s an excellent communicator. On top of that, the book is clearly written to get someone started on an action plan. Throughout the book you have bonus materials online available to you. People who are serious about transforming their health should read this book and let Dr. Reese guide you.