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Perfect Weight - Jordan Rubin

This large book, like most of Rubin’s other material, does contain many useful and interesting nuggets of information.

However, I often get bored reading these modern nutrition books, especially when they are geared toward an average Joe.

I believe that anyone who followed Rubin’s advice to the letter would get excellent results - the problem is I can envision few making it through the book and comprehending it’s wider scope.

In the health business, we know it is one of the most difficult and crucial part of the job just to get the information into another skull. I do not feel that this book is up to the task, at least not in the average person.

I will admit that my standards are high when it comes to clarity of delivery of health information, as an avid follower or Dr. Joel Wallach I think the bar is set high.

I admire Jordan for what he is doing and I think his books are worth reading, but I believe that his advice is a supplement to the general health message that lays behind the reasons for someone even picking up a book like this.

If this book were 1/4 of the size I would recommend it to a wider audience, but I think it will be most useful to those already well versed in health material.