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Personal Success - Brian Tracy

What a fantastic little book!

I’ve been really burned out on the “personal development” genre for a couple of years now, but I always buy Tracy books when I see them, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Tracy doesn’t waste time justifying his systems, which makes his books as brisk and to-the-point as they can be.

I’m sure that many of the rules and “facts” in Tracy’s books aren’t 100% true, but rather than debate, say, the “fact” of “the law of attraction”, Tracy just assumes they are true. I think this is actually good. It doesn’t really matter if all the concepts in these books are actually fact, it only matters (in my opinion) if living by these concepts actually helps, and I think it does - a lot.

Tracy is from the no-nonsense, no-excuses generation of personal development gurus, and it is my favorite style of this message. Again, many less confident authors spend half the book explaining or justifying their concepts.

This small book could replace more than half of my personal development shelf by my estimation. This small book could change your life. This small book could be lived by and lead to massive success - though there is a LOT more that could be said about everything in this book, Tracy gives you all that you need with zero fluff.

Top tier. Highly recommend.

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