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Pirate Enlightenment - David Graeber

I am SO happy about this book!

David Graeber was one of the most talented writers of our time. Very unfortunately he died young in 2020. This is his first posthumous book, and most of my joy is simply having some more Graeber to read!

This is probably his easiest to understand, most accessible books. Graeber is known for his logic and theories, shedding new light on complicated (mostly social) concepts. But this book isn’t like that, this is a history book about a pirate colony in Madagascar.

Though I think his other books are more valuable (Debt; BS Jobs; Utopia of Rules), Graeber can make any subject interesting, and basically re-invents the narrative of any subject he touches, including this one - this will definitely be unlike any pirate history you’ve read..I recommend all of Graeber’s books, and though this wasn’t his “best” book, it was much better than the average history book.

HUGE THANK YOU to @fsgbooks for sending me this copy, and for publishing this book!!!