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Poppers & AIDS - Hank Wilson

This short book is very important.

The AIDS hypothesis has been confusing, contradictory, and controversial from the very start.

This book was written in the heat of the frenzy (1980s), and it makes a strong and focused case that party drugs, especially amyl nitrous (poppers), are the real cause of the immune problems in the people who were being tested for AIDS. These drugs destroy the immune system. People who take these drugs will show immune deficiencies.

This hypothesis has no room for a “viral” spreading theory - the existence and the transmission of an AIDS virus has never been proven, despite what media still says decades later.

Of course this topic is bound to upset many people. Don’t shoot the messenger, read this book.

I could only find a free PDF version online which is why the picture is a mock-up.

Highly recommend.

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Free PDF