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Pottenger's Cats - Francis Pottenger

This book was alright.

Pottenger is an important figure in the nutrition world, and his legacy lives on in the Price-Pottenger Foundation alongside the work of Weston Price.

But, this book isn’t very long, and, his cat experiments only compared raw food to cooked food. There are many interesting points in these experiments and the book in general, but big parts of nutrition were not part of the experiments.

Since this early work was done long before we had all the micronutrients figured out, they couldn’t really explore a full spectrum comparison diet with micronutrients included.

Science is still sorely lacking such experiments, though some have been done. I think this work is important to designing more complete experiments, which compare raw, cooked, raw + supplements, cooked + supplements (including nutrients AND enzymes), etc.

These experiments were not designed to find the perfect diet, but this would could be used to design such experiments. These experiments also weren’t intended to compare lifespans, which I think would be crucial to convincing the world.

This book is still worth reading and understanding, especially for those interested in nutrition in general..I enjoyed it, I give it a thumbs up, but I can’t say it was excellent because of its limitations.