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The Power of Premonitions - Larry Dossey

This book was great!

Dossey is a medical doctor, but most of his writing is about things that are currently beyond science - “para”psychology, telepathy, prayer, meaning, and pre-cognition (knowing things before they happen)..The only reason these things are “beyond” science is because science refuses to acknowledge the actual science behind these “paranormal” happenings.

Dossey is one of the few brave doctors who accept the science of precognition, and he discusses the evidence, theories, and why this matters in this book.

Precognition is more than just “interesting” (though it is very interesting) - harnessing our “paranormal” human abilities could have tremendous impact on how we live our lives and structure our society.

Dossey has written a lot about bringing extra sensory abilities into mainstream medical practice, though the focus of this book is really about just making the point that precognition is an established phenomenon.

I really enjoy Dossey, and this book in particular. This research has been happening for over a hundred years, and it’s about time that the rest of the world learned about it. I agree with Dossey that we will never reach our potential here in this world (medically or personally) unless we understand our true power.

Highly recommend.