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Power VS. Force - David Hawkins

I read this book years ago and it went totally over my head.

I must have thought it was total nonsense. I didn’t make any notes, just dismissed it.

Re-reading it now, I think it is the most advanced “woke” book on my shelf...This book spends no time on conventional reality. There is a good chance most readers won’t have any idea what it is even talking about, like I didn’t until now.

I do agree strongly with the concepts in this book. I wouldn’t have even taken the principles seriously while I still thought conventional science explained the world.

This worldview could change the world, but it is more likely that only a small percentage will ever understand these concepts. The difference between power and force could be the difference between a miserable pointless existence, and an elevated “good life.” It is worth studying this book until it is believed AND understood.

I will definitely have to read this again...Note: usually a book will explain a concept it uses heavily. But this book uses chaos theory repeatedly and does not explain it adequately. Chaos was very popular when this book was written, but not so much now. In this case it would be worth it to read a full book on chaos theory first, if not familiar. James Gleik, Chaos, is a good intro.