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Primates: Medical and Surgical Management - Joel Wallach

This book is the first chapter of Dr. Wallach's monumental textbook Diseases of Exotic Animals - which is long out of print.

It is a great honor for me to bring this back to the market, and I (Ryan Notus Aleckszander) also included Dr. Wallach's 1989 Keshan study, which connected muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, sudden infant heart disease, and "Keshan disease". I thought it was very important to include this work, which was completed after DOEA was released, because humans are also primates and it was Wallach's work with rhesus monkeys and cystic fibrosis that effectively ended his pathology career.

This is a textbook and as such it is not an easy to read narrative, but I consider it an essential reference book for Dr. Wallach supporters like myself. There are also many interesting connections between human diseases and those of other primates. 

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