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Rebounding to Better Health - Linda Brooks

I don’t recommend this book, but I DO recommend rebounding (using a small trampoline).

The book is just too short to recommend, and I’m sure you can find more than enough information with a quick Google search.

In the nutrition business, I don’t emphasize movement enough. They say “sitting is the new smoking”, and I agree. We have an epidemic of circulation issues in the modern world, and this could easily be fixed without going to a gym.

Rebounders are small, cheap, and very efficient for moving body fluids (blood, lymph). There are many claims about the benefits of rebounding, and several studies, but they were not elaborated well enough in this book.

Rebounding also burns more calories than running or walking, is easy on the joints, and even if someone is too frail, obese, or injured to actually fully bounce, the rebounder can still be used while sitting, or using a partner to do the bouncing for you. Google such variations..I also recommend walking and strength training, but many people have somewhat valid excuses for slacking on those forms of movement - “busy”, and “winter” being the most common I see..Rebounding can be done in the home or outside, and is one of the most accessible and quick forms of exercise that will actually make a difference. Make sure you buy a good quality rebounder.

I admit that rebounding is not perfect for everyone. If you’re like me, tall with short ceilings, then a rebounder may not work in your home. In that case I recommend a Chi machine, which is also cheap, quick, and extremely effective for moving fluids.

Stay moving my friends.