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Re-Dating Ancient Greece: 500 BC = 1300 AD? - Sylvain Tristan

This is one of the best “alternative” history books I have read At this time I had not yet read Fomenko, but I consider this an excellent introduction to Fomenko's work, and a great starting point into alternative history. 

This is not a conspiracy book, or a mudflood book, but it excellently details the case for revising the dates of Greek history.

The author respectfully stayed within the context of Greece, avoiding tangents and such that could have made this a very convoluted book.

Also, for a self published work, this is probably the best editing I have yet seen - I only caught one tiny spelling error. I have become more lenient to self published books but I shouldn’t be. The lack of mistakes in this book speaks to the thoroughness of this author, and so does the quality of the research.

Since it’s not a conspiracy book, there was absolutely no name calling or other nonsense that plagues all “alternative” genres.

I highly recommend this book to everyone - those who are shocked at the title should definitely read it, as it might be the best introduction you could ask for to start rethinking the mainstream version of history.

Anyone into mudflood, Tartaria, or other counter narratives should put this at the top of their research pile.

I usually just give a thumbs up or down, but if I had a rating system I would give this 10/10.

Ultra fascinating.

I made a summary video of this book which you can view below.

Watch Video "Did Ancient Greece Exist?"