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Reefer Madness - Eric Schlosser

The title of this book is a bit misleading, because only about a quarter of the book is about the marijuana business.

I probably would have taken this off my shelf years ago if my copy had a cover, because the book was far more interesting than I would have thought.

The book goes into three underground industries - marijuana, strawberries, and pornography. Each essay stands on its own but they are subtly woven into a very thought-provoking narrative.

Schlosser is an excellent writer and though these topics are already interesting, his writing kept me fully engaged all the way through, and I did not want to put it down.

There are subtle anti capitalist sentiments in the text, which I think could have been explored a bit further, because at face value I have some disagreements. Only the final few pages are spent on the actual opinions of the author, and I think they were well presented, though once again could have been given a bit more space.

Although I disagree with parts of his conclusions, the book overall was great and I highly recommend it - keeping in mind that American marijuana laws have changed significantly in the last two decades, most of the book is still completely relevant.