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Reefer Madness - Larry Sloman

This book was absolute garbage.

400+ pages of “it’s just weed, man!”

I’m losing my patience with pro-marijuana books. I’ve been using marijuana for over 20 years and it blows my mind that any book could disregard the negatives of marijuana addiction, especially when people start young.

I’m not saying marijuana is evil or that it should be prohibited (I’m 100% against all government prohibition), but to completely disregard those whose lives are impacted negatively by the plant is completely irresponsible, and intellectually ridiculous. The cognitive dissonance in the pro marijuana world is unreal..If you want to be told exactly what you want to hear, read this book. But there is a lot left out of the story.

Beyond that, this book was poorly written by an egomaniac author. Additionally, it should have been titled “a history of marijuana IN AMERICA”, because there was hardly a word about any other country. Hardly a useful history.

Zero out of ten - this book doesn’t deserve to exist in my opinion.