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Reversing Degenerative Disease - Joe Elrod

This book wasn’t very good.

Though it was very much “alternative”, suggesting no mainstream treatments, I think this book (like many) are way too middle-of-the-road to be practical.

The author essentially takes all sides of the alternative world, recommending so many different compounds and strategies that the book is kind of a jumbled mess of random benefits from many different nutrients and foods.

I get really disappointed when I see chapters with a bunch of different diseases, all with separate recommendations. There ARE some specific things to do for many specific diseases, but listing the same nutrients under all of them just bloats the book for no reason. This sounds like a minor quip but, if you are advising taking vitamin B6 for every disease, just say that. Just say it’s essential and no matter what disease you have you need this, and all the other essential nutrients.

One huge problem I have is that the author says straight up that we need 90 essential nutrients (I agree), but then soon after says that there are only 22 essential minerals. This is a glaring mistake. There are more than 22 essential minerals, and you can’t get to a total of 90 without them. Saying we need 90 then recommending like 30 is really off.

Also, he did not cite Dr. Wallach at all and I see that as a snub. It's a small thing but I have seen it many times - people clearly using Dr. Wallach's message without giving him any credit, and in this case without even understanding it (i.e Wallach says there are 60 essential minerals).

The author seems like a really nice guy. His advice is generally good but it’s blended with a ton of confusing and conflicting advice.

Also, faith is important in health, but this book was way too Christian for me. Faith as an ingredient for wellbeing doesn’t require any specific religion...I don’t recommend this.