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The Richest Man In Babylon - George Clason

This book has helped me so much in my life I can’t properly describe it.

It is a fiction, and set in the deep past,but it gives us everything we need to achieve financial success in the real world.

When I was totally broke I listened to the audiobook on repeat. I made the same mistakes as the characters in the book until I finally got it through my head to fully implement the “rules of gold”.

Many more modern financial books repeat this same message, but none is so clear and engaging as this book. None is so relatable, in my opinion.

It is my firm opinion that to live a good life we MUST take our health AND finances into our control. The book isn’t about health, but many of us healthy people completely fail on the financial end. We don’t have enough for ourselves or to make significant impact on the world.

I once thought I could be happy AND make a difference without money. I was wrong on both counts.

Earlier this year I wrote a book “I Did it For The Money” which told my own financial tale, and how “the rules of gold” changed everything for me. I can now provide for myself, my future, I can and do make an actual difference in the world, and there is even money left over for things beyond necessity.

It is a cruel misconception that “money is bad”, and many of the most capable and intelligent people fail to build wealth, in part because of this liberal stigma.

I call this book mandatory reading for every human. We must learn how to build wealth because nearly everything we are taught about money is backwards. Children should read this in school and adults should put it at the top of their list as well.

Read it more than once. Listen to the audio (I have it on my YT channel and podcast link in bio), and immediately begin to implement the rules of gold.

Your financial future has almost nothing to do with your income or profession. It has everything to do with following the rules of gold.

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I Did It For The Money Audiobook on podcast
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