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Rules For Revolutionaries - Guy Kawasaki

I always enjoy Guy Kawasaki. He is clear and confident and easy to read.

I always gain something from his books and presentations, but I can’t give this book a glowing review, because it is very much focused on advice for BIG business.

It is not the fault of the author that this was written in the 1990s, but, times have certainly changed. Now, your “start up” doesn’t have to emulate Apple or Starbucks or any other big company. Due to the time of writing, it has no relevance for most of us running small, tight online operations, especially with drop-ship.

I bought this book for a dollar and I’m definitely not disappointed, but it is far from a relevant manifesto for the 21st century. It’s still worth your time if you’re in business of any kind, as are all of Guy’s books, but the average person doesn’t need to read it.

Non business people should still learn about business, in my opinion, but this book is definitely created directly for business people. There are many other books that cater to a general audience about business history and theories.