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The Secret History of the American Empire - John Perkins

Though this book and author got a decent amount of press around the time this book was released, the message of the book seems to have seeped out of our political consciousness.

Perkins is one of many authors who have gone into great detail about the specific misbehaviors that the American, and other governments have perpetuated, without the permission or knowledge of the voting public. 

These secret actions by our governments cut through any political divide. It doesn't matter whether you are liberal or conservative, because shady activity that harms other people and nations, physically and economically, is far more important than party differences. All parties participate in this secret world.

This topic was always important, and becomes increasingly important as our world continues to be more and more dominated by the forces behind this secret world. 

Perkins is a very clear writer, and his story is unique and incredible. His story itself is interesting, and the information he shares through his story is arguably some of the most important stuff we need to know about how our world works.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.