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The Secret Language of Doctors - Brian Goldman

This is an important book.

I believe that if more people understood how doctors/hospitals function, they would avoid them as much as possible.

We are trained to think of doctors as hero’s utilizing medical miracles to save lives, but the reality is much darker. Aside from the actual shortcomings of medicine, the practitioners are definitely human, and this book dives deep into the good, bad, and ugly sides of humans who must care for other humans.

In my business (promoting nutrition and “alternative” healing strategies), one of the best tools we have to “convince” people to use our services is the simple fact that the alternative (mainstream medical practitioners), frankly, suck. Our easiest customers are those who understand how impotent and potentially cruel “real” doctors can be. In short, our best customers understand that medicine in general does not work, and at worst it can be decidedly harmful, both physically and mentally.

In general, doctors know the shortcomings of medicine and medical practitioners. By learning the “secret language of doctors” we can all understand these shortcomings, and hopefully that will allow us to only use “real” medicine in actual emergencies (trauma and infections).

All alternative practitioners should be familiar with “standard” practice. This book is an excellent resource..More importantly, all citizens must be aware of this. Doctors (regular and alternative) CAN be hero’s. Miracles ARE possible. But we cannot blindly put faith into any system or person. If we do not understand the bad as well as the good, our decisions will be misinformed.

Very important book, very easy to understand, breezy and enjoyable to read, and really made me feel like I was in the situations described. Very hard for a nonfiction to be so immersive.

Highly recommend.