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Secret to Hunza Superior Health - Carl Classic

This is one of the worst health books I’ve ever read.

First of all, it was barely even about the Hunza - all the Hunza information could have fit in a pamphlet, and the book was really just a long and very repetitive rant against modern life.

The book was way too preachy for me, and way too religious. I’m fine with using Bible quotes and concepts, but the book didn’t really even bother with that, it just made assertion after assertion about “the creator” and “common sense”, without really qualifying the points.

Throughout the text there are studies discussed which are not at all referenced. Many times, all it said was "a recent study determined..", and gave me no clues where to look for the study. There was no reference or notes section at all. There were also many very obvious mistakes, which makes this book overall very amateur. 

Finally, although they are on the right track and in the right direction, I believe the authors took everything too far - ie, the Hunza eat a small amount of meat and dairy, but they are firm about NO meat or dairy, period, which doesn’t even coincide with the people this book is supposed to be about.

Other examples of this extreme lean are definitely-over estimated problems such as “10,000 species a day going extinct because of us”. Since this book is over 30 years old, we can see how ridiculous these estimates were.

For a far more thorough and charming account of Hunza life and nutrition, I recommend Hunza Land by Allen Banik.

Do not recommend.