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Selenium As Food & Medicine - Richard Passwater

This book was great!

When talking about all the roles of selenium in the body, it can sound like a cure-all snake oil. But, this trace element really is key to many body systems, such as our own internal antioxidants (glutathione), organ and muscle health, and more.

Selenium is not controversial in animals. Over 70 years ago it was used to stop muscular dystrophy (white muscle disease), and heart failure.

Early on selenium gained a bad reputation for being toxic - and it IS toxic in doses as small as a few milligrams. But all vertebrates need selenium in micrograms or we suffer organ degeneration or death, muscle and brain problems, and increased susceptibility to cancer.

There is so much research about selenium and there is very little filler in this book - and this was published in 1980! There is no legitimate excuse for the widespread medical ignorance about this nutrient. If we neglected selenium in our livestock, you wouldn’t be able to afford a hamburger because most of the cows would be dead.

I recommend this book.