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The Sense Of Being Stared At - Rupert Sheldrake

I’m a big fan of Rupert Sheldrake and I love all of his books.

First for the interesting subject matter, second for his respect for the reader.

Sheldrake is an excellent communicator as well as a competent scientist. He gives us enough detail to thoroughly make his case, but not too much to make it boring.

His writing is accessible to hardened researchers and lay people, he is competent in statistics so we are presented with all the relevant numbers, and even his footnotes and endnotes are, I would say, perfect to offer all the excess information one would need.

The topics he covers are of the upmost relevance to who we are as human beings, our true capabilities, and the true limits of our scientific understanding and application. Huge topics that are not at all covered in mainstream science.

If more of academia took these ideas and concepts seriously, I believe we would have a very different intellectual environment, and in my opinion, a better world.

It is a shame that Sheldrake isn’t very well known. All of his books are great. This one is excellent. Highly recommend.