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Serendipity: Accidental Discoveries in Science - Royston Roberts

I've always been interested in the role of luck on the prepared mind, but honestly, I was disappointed by this book.

Maybe I have read too much about serendipitous discoveries (which is most discoveries), but this book seemed to be less about that and more just a standard rendition of the common science stories, elevated to legends in books and classrooms.

I used to think the scientific world was so vast and the more you read the more you would learn, but after many years of exploring this genre I find the same stories over and over, and the same (relatively few) "characters", annoyingly elevated to something above us lowly non-scientists.

Not that true visionaries shouldn't be respected, but the reverence these people and their subjects are treated with is, to me, now, utterly patronizing and, ultimately, boring.

Do not recommend.