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Sit Less - Stefan Zavalin

I LOVED this book.

Few topics are so simple but so important, especially for people like me who sit for a living.

I thought I had a good handle on this “sit less” concept, but I definitely learned some more from this book.

This is a book you could buy for literally anyone who sits for work, it is completely accessible and enjoyable to read.

I rarely give a 10/10 rating, but this book accomplished exactly what it intended to, efficiently.

It helps that the goals of the book are modest and very specific.

It’s a short read that is well worth it, these strategies can REALLY help a chronic sitter.

Full disclosure, @stefan.zavalin sent me this book to review, unpaid. But I will always give an honest review, even if it’s really harsh.

Thankfully for both of us, I thought it was perfect for what it is.