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Slim Spurling's Universe - Cal Garrison

VERY interesting book!

I have worked with and sold energy devices for several years, and you should know that they produce by far the fastest results of any healing tool. (Nutrition takes time to work, food habits take time to implement, tissues take time to regrow, etc.)

Most energy devices I know about have energy “embedded” into them. Certain materials “hold” frequencies better than others, but normally the shape of the device is irrelevant. What is most interesting about the devices in this book is that the shape or configuration of the material seems to be the active ingredient - no frequencies embedded.

@telestaicreations sent me this book and a few devices he made from these principles. I am very grateful to him and we recorded a podcast about it together (see below).

I consider myself sensitive to EMF and energy devices, and I can definitely feel the strength of these “toroidal rings”. Many devices also change the taste of water and food when applied to them, and the rings seem to do this better than any other device I’ve tried.

The claims in this book are vast and hard to believe (such as changing weather, pollution, crime rates), and I believe them.

The problems of EMF, dirty electricity, harmful ions, etc., are only getting worse in our modern world, and accelerating rapidly. There is exactly zero effort from our governments or industries in most countries to do anything about it - actually, in most cases they are strongly encouraging massive increases development of harmful technologies. It is up to us to protect ourselves and mitigate these forms of pollution.

I enjoyed the story about the man who invented these devices, and I think the devices should be tested widely to prove their value to the wider world.

I highly recommend this book.

Podcast about this