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Slow Burn - Don Oakley

I have reached the end of my pile of anti-antismoking books..

This one was by far the biggest. I enjoyed the author, who is a smoker of over 5 decades shedding light on a lot of the BS being peddled as “facts” against smoking.

Overall, my whole pile of books in this genre has been disappointing. I didn’t know there was such a counter argument to the “smoking causes every disease” party line, but I haven’t been completely satisfied with any of these books.

This book, being so big, definitely covered more than any other. But, as a lay person, the author simply doesn’t have the confidence to stand strongly against the health claims, despite doing his best to untangle the statistical nonsense.

People ask me about this subject all the time and all I can recommend for now is to pick a couple of these books, take them with a grain of salt, and most definitely use this skepticism when you look at smoking scare tactics as well.

This topic really isn’t just about smoking anymore. In the last two years our world has changed incredibly, largely “for our own good.” This control system became legislated for tobacco first, and is now being used against us for all kinds of bogus health protocols.

Watch, they’ll use these laws against people who eat junk food too. They can take your children “for their own good.” Whether you’re against tobacco or not you should really understand this power play.

Strong 8/10.