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Smoke Screens - the truth about tobacco

This is the most comprehensive book on this subject I have read so far.

I have given all the “tobacco truth” genre books good reviews so far, because it is a subject that is so full of propaganda, deceit, dodgy characters, political agendas, junk science and so on that even smokers themselves ignore logic, don’t bother checking the figures, and resign themselves to their “terrible habit.” You may have even heard a smoker say “I’m going to the store to buy some cancer sticks.”

I haven’t called any of the books in this category “mandatory”, but I have strongly encouraged them. This is one of those alternative subjects that easily offends people, and thus it should be examined more thoroughly.

Though I do not encourage anyone to start smoking, I am a big fan of truth, and I despise lies in the name of politics. The anti smoking crusades are not new, yet they have never actually proven their case - not even close.

Would you believe that there is a wealth of decent science which shows not only no harm, but actual BENEFIT of smoking tobacco? If that thought is preposterous then you must read this book.

At this point I am liable to be accused of bias, by only reading “anti-anti-smoking” books. But we have all heard the standard line that smoking causes basically every disease yada yada. Even in the “alt” health business, this is still the party line. This “smoking truth” concept is very obscure, and there are many reasons for that.

Further, all of these "smoking truth" books use mainstream research to make the opposite point, as well as suppressed research showing either no harm, or a benefit. The fact that they can simply look at what is presented as fact and interpret the data differently shows that there are major problems with the research presented to us as showing harm. 

If you haven’t yet bought any books on this subject, I would start with this one...