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Spontaneous Happiness - Andrew Weil

This book was quite good.

When reviewing happiness books, I always point out that no one book will make someone happy. The habits that make us miserable are very hard to change, and I personally had to read a ton of these books to change my attitude and my life.

This is one of the better happiness books for sure. Weil is easy to read and quite down to earth. He has a strong understanding of nutrition, and the importance of spirituality and nature and more. He is one of the most well-rounded health writers that I know of, and very importantly he subscribes to “positive psychology”, which is the idea that we should work on strengthening the things that make us happy, instead of focusing on the negative trying to ameliorate “mental illness”.

This might not sound very important but it really is. Focusing on the disease theory of mental illness has gotten us nowhere.

We should all continue to study happiness because this modern world seems designed to make us depressed. We must swim against that tide or get carried away by it. This is definitely a book we could all gain from. Highly recommend.