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Stat-Spotting - Joel Best

I have read a few books with this exact same goal: teaching statistics basics.

This little book accomplished it better than the others in my opinion. It is clear, quick, and avoids the heavy statistical stuff that can really turn people off - no P values in this book.

In 2020 our world as we know it was effectively shut down, based on highly dubious data. Thus, I assume at least a billion people are destructively ill-equipped to interpret numbers.

This ignorance has lead to sheer disaster. We absolutely need a public that can analyze basic data. Or, we are too easily duped. There is too much to lose by believing bad data.

This education has to be a priority in our world. Of all the things that matter, we cannot make sense of them without basic statistical knowledge.

This little book should be read twice, and it’s probably a great gift for someone who has absolutely no understanding of how numbers are collected and presented.

Those who are already familiar would still benefit from brushing up on this subject. Clearly a vast majority still believes dubious data, and that has to include many people who supposedly do understand stats.

This couldn’t be more important right now. Anything else we care about, every other profession and way of life has been threatened or eliminated in the last 12 months, all because of dubious data.