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Stress and the Disease Connection

This book was pretty good.

It did a good job of connecting stress to almost every possible type of disease. There were a lot of details I didn’t know before.

But, it was a bit more technical than I would like. With such detailed information about enzyme reactions and big Latin words most people haven’t heard before, it’s pretty easy to miss the forest for the trees with this type of detail. I felt there wasn’t a great balance between the broader explanations (which were great), and the extreme detail which was often confusing.

There was quite a bit of repetition. As the book goes through each body system affected by stress (I.e, immune system, sleep, digestion, etc.), it lists beneficial plants and nutrients at the end - several of these were repeated in every section. There is definitely a better way to organize the recommendations so they don’t overlap so much.

Lastly, the book was very compartmentalized, lots of headings, so it was almost like one giant list. This didn’t really detract from the value of the book, but it also wasn’t much of a fun reading experience - rather than tightening up the narrative, keeping it engaging (like a normal nonfiction book), the structure relies on the list format, which just isn’t very enjoyable to read.

My issues with this book are basically just organizational. This book is definitely worth reading to understand much more about how stress affects most or all systems of the body.

I did a podcast "deep dive" on this book, see the link below and is available on most podcast platforms (Notus & Friends podcast)

Podcast episode