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Struck By Lightening - Jeffrey Rosenthal

In my opinion, the mess of the last two years never would have happened if the general population had a better understanding of statistics.

This subject can be difficult, but this book is one of the most enjoyable I have found in the genre.

Though it can be tough to grasp, once the basics are understood, you can easily spot misleading conclusions as long as those conclusions are based on numbers.

I’m in the “alternative” health business in real life, and there we see absolutely extraordinary data manipulations to fit the mainstream medical narrative. They can have you believing there is a reasonable chance of surviving chemotherapy, when the actual numbers, read without tricks, show a very very small chance of 5 or 10 year survival.

In other words, playing with the numbers can allow you to come to an exact opposite conclusion, with the exact same number set.

This is only one example of how important it is to interpret numbers yourself. As long as we allow the TV or the politicians or the pharmaceutical companies to read us their conclusions, we completely miss the opportunity to see reality as it is actually shown in the numbers.

I highly recommend this book. Those who are already fluent in numbers will probably still enjoy it too!