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Suggestology - how to get what you want by asking the right questions

  • Paul Tobey

Based on the title, I thought this book was going to be about the questions we ask other people to get what we want.

I was pleasantly surprised, because like all the best personal development books, this one is about the questions we ask to OURSELVES.

Actually at the end there is a bit of good advice on interacting with others, but generally is it about us, not the prospect or customer.

Tobey tells his own story and uses this as the context to give his wisdom on finance and business, and I enjoyed both the story and the wisdom.

Since there is no one personal development or sales books to rule them all, I do recommend adding this one to the reading list. Since this genre often recycles itself, it is not often that I read a new phrase or concept that makes me stop and think - yet Paul managed to pique my thoughts several times.