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Super Immunity Foods - Frances Goulart

I probably don’t need to review all of these generic health books, but people are always asking what foods are good, and these books have many answers.

In the health business, we mostly only care about what you *Don’t* eat (processed foods). People often think they need exotic “super” foods, or they need a huge variety of foods to be healthy. Neither are required. The longest lived people live all over the world, in vastly different habitats, and most do NOT eat a huge variety of foods - they are limited to what is available locally.

Having said that, books like this show us that there are documented benefits to literally every real food. There are “super” foods on every continent, and many of them are common boring foods we already eat.

We don’t need special food to be healthy - we just need real food. Many people fuss over the details, but if they read more generic food books like this they would understand that all real foods have benefit, and all processed foods cause harm. It really is that simple.

I don’t strongly recommend this book, it wasn’t particularly unique or worth going out of your way for. But I do recommend dipping into generic health books in general, because there is so much publicly available, non controversial information about the benefits of real food.

Best sellers tend to pigeonhole the story and focus on sensational foods and such. You don’t need sensational information, or hidden knowledge to heal yourself.