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Thank You For Smoking - Christopher Buckley

This is one of the worst books I’ve ever read.

This book is a fiction with essentially no plot, other than to make fun of a fictional tobacco executive, and those who work in and around the industry in general.

Sadly, the author obviously does have talent. He clearly read the history of tobacco and the industry, and he has a lot of wit and writes very smoothly. But this talent is completely wasted on this useless book.

I think the author should have written a nonfiction expose on the Industry, but since he obviously read some of them, I assume he knows that such a book doesn’t need to be written again.

I don’t understand these types of books. Say you like animals, and you watch animal documentaries to gain satisfaction. That’s fine. But why read something just to salivate in hatred? Am I being too silly to suggest that this negativity is worse than smoking? What is the point in bashing such easy targets, with no new information? Nothing is added to society by this book.

Good writing can make up for the lack of plot and character, but not when the whole point is just to bully a fictional stooge.

This book is garbage, do not recommend..