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The 360 Degree Leader - John C. Maxwell

I have appreciated and enjoyed every John C. Maxwell book that I have read. I especially like the no-nonsense "oldschool" type of personal develop that he personifies well, without being overbearing.

A lot of people think that success is up to them alone, and while it is true that you are the biggest factor in your success, being able to lead others does two magnificent things.

First, it allows efficient and effective teamwork to happen - no matter how talented or driven you are, you will probably need a team to build a real business. Second, becoming a leader allows you to become the best version of yourself.

It is easy to make excuses for ourselves when no one is looking, but if you really become a leader then you really are accountable to yourself.

I suppose that this book could be instrumental in becoming an online influencer as well, as one of the biggest problems that many influencers speak about is the fact that they felt at least one point in time that they weren't "keeping it real". Maybe they were "faking it until they make it", or pretending to be something they were not. Well, developing yourself into a real leader should eliminate this concept, and teach you to do what you can with what you have, without lying or making excuses about what you don't.

There is a lot more to leadership than this short caption, and I recommend this book to anyone in any business, and anyone trying to get ahead in life.