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The Arthritis Cure - Jason Theodosakis

I get excited when books have “cure” in the title!

And I get even more excited when regular medical doctors write books about nutrients fixing problems that the rest of their industry says are incurable.

This book only touts two nutrients, glucosamine and chondroitin, neither of which are essential. I was surprised that the results promoted here are very good, with ONLY those two compounds.

I know from experience in this business that those two DO work very well, but adding the actual essential nutrients, especially the bone/joint nutrients have even better results.

I enjoyed the book for its evidence and confidence about those two nutrients, but I do wish it recommended more as well, as that would be a more foolproof program.

I also like how this book handled case studies (which are often written by patients and really ruin the flow of books). The author summarized the testimonies instead of just reprinting them. This is a small thing that makes a huge difference.

Most of the book was spent on complimentary aspects of healing such as proper sleep and exercise. I don’t have any problems with this in general, but it definitely left out a lot of important nutritional information.

I paid a dollar for this book and the nutrient studies alone were worth the money. People looking for a complete answer about arthritis won’t get it in this book, but I hope that it would give you confidence in those two compounds, and hopefully that would give you even more confidence in a program with many more nutrients.

Surprisingly good book about natural healing from an MD. I recommend for those already into nutrition.