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The Art of Deception - Kevin Mitnick

Before reading this book, I thought “hacking” was mostly about computers.

Apparently, humans are the weakest link in any security system, and so hackers get most of their information and such simply by calling a secretary, pretending to be someone else.

This is no spoiler, it is definitely interesting and entertaining to read about many real life hacking examples, barely using technology.

Pragmatically, it is also definitely worth understanding how YOU are the biggest opportunity for someone to rip you off. There are several things to be alert for..

I highly recommend this book. Might even consider it mandatory reading. In the 20 years since my copy was printed, this has all become much more important.

Every one of the phishing emails we all receive rely on the concepts of this book. Most of us know someone who has fallen for one of them. Even I accidentally cashed a phony check for someone once. These scams are years ahead of law enforcement and most of us are at least 20 years behind on all of it.