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The Bill Gates Problem - Tim Schwab

This book was great!

So many books have been written about Gates, but so few challenge his massive influence in so many domains - health, agriculture, technology and more.

This book dismantles the “myth of the good billionaire”, showing instead that his supposed generosity is really just another way he expands his fortune and his power.

Many writers have detailed Gates huge ego, angry outbursts, hostile company environments, soliciting employees and much more misconduct, yet still praise his efforts at charity and don’t question his authority on matters that affect all of us. This book brings the real personality if Gates in line with a sober view of his foundation.

This is a large book and perfectly details why the claims of the foundation are way out of tune with reality. The Gates Foundation is certainly not our savior, as the book makes clear.

The takedown here was thorough, BUT, I do wish the author went more into the darkest aspects of Bill’s escapades. He could have at least mentioned the more conspiratorial accusations - such as the release of millions of GMO mosquitoes to combat malaria (which isn’t a conspiracy at all, but wasn’t mentioned), or his participation in a pandemic drill that was identical to the actual pandemic that happened soon after. Gates relationship with Epstein was detailed, but his many other romantic discrepancies were only barely mentioned. There is plenty of dirt on Gates, and though this book dismantled his good guy image WITHOUT any of the darkest details, I still wish more was included.

Overall the book was very good and easy to read. I do recommend it.

Disclosure: @henryholtbooks sent me this book to review. I have never been paid to review (other than a free book), and I am not obligated to give anyone a good review.