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The Blood Sugar Solution - Mark Hyman

I have now seen three people attempt to “deal with” their blood sugar issues using this book.

All three failed.

I do not think this failure is because of the information in this book - which I think is pretty good - rather, they failed because of the way the information was communicated.

They failed to be inspired, empowered, or educated enough to see the program through to results.

I used to think that if people only had the information they would have everything they needed to conquer their health challenges.

In reality the vast majority of people received the information and did nothing with it, and many who did not bother much with the details simply used the information to tremendous results.

The point is that people for the most part don’t really care about HOW this nutrition stuff works - as greatly elaborated in this book - they just want to know that it does indeed work and someone knowledgeable is there to help.

In sum, I think this book is too long and too complicated for the average person, though it may have appeal to those of us deep in the trenches of the “war on health”. Average people looking for blood sugar solutions should read or listen to “Hell’s Kitchen” by Dr. Wallach for a clearer and more effective protocol.