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The Calcium Factor - Robert Barefoot

I think this book should have been called The Calcium AND Vitamin D Factor, because there is nearly as much information on D as Ca.

Much of my audience is thirsty for more technical detail about the essential nutrients, and this book will be very satisfying for them.

There are many massive books about calcium, but this one efficiently covers the most important aspects of the chemistry and research.

It is clear enough for a lay reader to understand, but also has sections of serious technical detail.

We talk a LOT about calcium in the “alternative” health business, but even though this nutrient got me out of my life long pain, I would never give this amount of detail publicly. So if you want more, here it is.

There are things I say all the time that are really elaborated on here, and I marked many passages myself, because even I didn’t know a lot of this.

The vitamin D sections are also highly valuable. I’ve been parroting some things about D for years that I will have to modify, because this book shows them to be wrong, or partially wrong.

I thought about leaving this next thought out of this review, but it is nagging me so here it is: nearly everything in this book is well cited, but there are some points and numbers that I assume came from Dr. Wallach. These points were almost the only things NOT cited, and I don’t know where else they could have come from. I could be wrong but I sense an intentional snub. I don’t know if there is more to the story, but I assume that it is because Wallach promotes a different type of minerals than the author, even though they are both using roughly the same information.

Even if there was no snub, the lack of citation on these key points makes me question the integrity of Barefoot.

I still recommend this book for those who want more detail, which is why I have put it in the "Best" Health/Medicine category.