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The China Study - T. Colin Campbell & Thomas Campbell

This book is so tangled I couldn't possibly recommend it to anyone looking for sound nutritional advice.

Though we agree on much, such as the medical establishments inability to CURE any chronic diseases with their ineffective, inefficient, expensive, and dangerous "treatment" (drugs and surgery), the authors basis for a plant-based diet being the panacea of health is dubious.

Of course people would get much better following this 'clean' diet, especially those who were the least healthy, because they have removed junk food as well as animal products, but this whole book totally missed the minerals - what distinguishes the diets and diseases of regions is not only the food, but the nutritional content (minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.) of the food!

Also, using casein as a focal protein to make the case against animal protein in general is very odd, as they point out at length that not all proteins are equal, and comparing milk to meat is like comparing apples to chocolate oranges.
This book seems to be lost in its own research, too many studies on too few variables, not enough clinical experience with nutrition.