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The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov

In the health business I am asked about cholesterol every day.

Until now, I didn’t have a book to recommend that FULLY covered the nonsense that is the “cholesterol is bad” theory.

Unfortunately, the medical world has gone to great lengths to demonize some essential nutrients, such as cholesterol and salt, and when we are asked to “prove” otherwise, it is really not that fair, since we can’t prove a negative. They are the ones making a claim, and the onus is on them to prove the claim.

This book goes into excruciating detail on how the science involved in this scam is utterly worthless. There is no way you could read a quarter of this book and still believe the spin doctors.

The book is over 20 years old, but I promise nothing has changed. There still is no evidence that cholesterol causes any diseases, or that there is any reason to worry about it.

The medical world doesn’t know what causes heart disease, stroke, and so on, so they latched onto this cholesterol thing. They demonized smoking for the same reason: SOMETHING had to be causing cancer, heart disease, etc.

All the money in the world hasn’t bought them convincing science, and yet you are still given bogus advice about diet and lifestyle to change a biomarker (cholesterol) that has absolutely nothing to do with disease.

There has been more than enough study to prove that cholesterol has nothing to do with disease, and their own research shows that lowering cholesterol is bad. This is a must read for anyone interested in health, and definitely anyone in the health business.