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The Citizen Patient - Nortin Hadler

This book was quite good, though it was a little bit difficult to read.

I don’t mean extremely difficult, but it definitely wasn’t entry-level. And perhaps the final version is a bit more clear (my copy is an uncorrected proof)..One of my favorite genres is medical doctors bashing their own profession. We in the “alternative” health world are very harsh on MDs, and it might sound unfair, so you should really hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

No one understands the problems with mainstream medicine better than mainstream doctors themselves. This particular tome is a stronger criticism of the medical business than I could have written.

The book goes into great detail on MANY of the worst aspects of our medical system. Rather than labor the individual drug reactions or bad apple doctors, Hadler really focuses on the big picture, the problems at the very macro level of how the system operates, problems at the top which guarantee problems all the way down the line.

It really was a great and thorough denunciation, without too many words. Perfect amount of detail.

I highly recommend this book for those who are already literate in health concepts. For beginners this would be too dense in my opinion.

I "unpacked" some of the most interesting points in this book, see podcast link below.

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