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The Corrupted Sciences - Arnold Arnold

I tried reading this book many years ago and couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t understand what the point of the book was, or the case it was trying to make.

Back then, I thought Arnold was either a genius that I can’t understand, or a lunatic writing gibberish. This book claims to have a “grand unified theory”, or a theory of everything. These grand claims are definitely a cause for skepticism.

On the second read I still don’t understand the thesis or the case being made. The author is not an idiot, he is clearly knowledgeable, I just don’t know what he’s trying to say.

The title of the book gives no clues about the purpose of it. The book attempted to make numerous points about philosophy, religion, learning, technology and artificial intelligence.

Some of these subjects were wrapped into points about the sciences being corrupted, but the title was hardly fulfilled. This book was more about how our focus is misplaced. Being wrong is far from being corrupt, but the book spends most of its time on supposedly right and wrong ways to think about the problems in the sciences and society.

I can’t recommend this book. I don’t know who it would benefit. I can’t even find copies of this book or his other books anywhere, but if you do happen to see it, and attempt to read it, let me know if it makes any sense to you.