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The Cure For Everything - Timothy Caulfield

I have a bunch of books under this category I would call “nothing really works”.

Normally these books are really not fun to read, as not only do they denounce my career field, they tend to leave us hopeless - nothing really works, right?

This book was still painful, but it was also enjoyable. The denunciation was mild and the author was fun to read. I felt it went a tiny bit long toward the end, but overall it’s one of my favorites in this genre.

Though this genre is antithetical to our aims in the health business (empowerment through information), I believe it is very necessary to understand the skepticism.

The skepticism is justified and we need to know the arguments against what we are proposing. The average person is much more likely to have a viewpoint closer to the one in this book than the one we are promoting.

Further, these books tend to offer some juicy criticism of mainstream medicine as well. Definitely worth your time.

For people outside the health business, it’s not necessary to be fully read in this genre, but reading one or two is a good idea. This would be a good one to start with - not too technical, not too brief.