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The Disciples of RA - Giovanni Cirucci

For a conspiracy book, this was pretty good.

I don’t expect much from conspiracy books, and I also give them extra points for trying to discuss controversial topics. I know they have to make due without professional publishing, editing, and marketing, and Cirucci did quite a good job here.

Though us conspiracy people will enjoy this book, unfortunately I do not think a lay person would read past the first few pages. There is really no warm up and if you don’t already understand many tenants of conspiracy theories, I feel the opening text would be overwhelming and off putting.

I don’t feel there was an adequate explanation of what “the disciples of Ra” even means. There WAS a coherent theory in the text, but the title or introduction does not adequately explain the connection to Ra. The book also ends abruptly and I didn’t feel a satisfactory collation of the book. This book is basically a meal of all meat - no appetizers, side dishes, or dessert. This is fine for meat lovers (Truthers), but not enough for an average reader just looking for an overview of a subject. You definitely need to be already in the know before reading this.

I also think the subtitle was misplaced. Though a lot of the book was about the subtitle, the overarching theme was that the group behind the conspiracies are not the ones commonly blamed in the conspiracy world (jews),, but the ones really the Jesuits. I think his other books are more focused on that topic, and that’s why he named this differently.

This is a big book and I appreciated the bloat. There are a lot of connections to be made to substantiate Cirucci’s thesis, and I think it was well done, despite the lack of warm up and abrupt ending.

Cirucci does write like a conspiracy theorist. I would dock points from any book for doing this. But, he was much less obnoxious and overbearing than the average conspiracy writer. Again I think he did a good job and conspiracy people will enjoy the detail.