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The Enzyme Cure

This book was pretty good!

As the cover says, enzymes are [one of] the most overlooked link to good health. I wasn’t even aware of the power of enzymes until several years into the health business - because so few people talk about them, and those who do generally fail to emphasize them.

In the past few years I have focused on using enzymes as part of our nutritional protocols, and our results have improved radically.

Enzymes do basically all of the work in the body. Vitamins and minerals are cofactors for enzymes - they don’t really do anything if enzymes aren’t present.

Since most of us eat mostly cooked food most of the time, enzyme deficiency is a real possibility for a ton of people. Our bodies produce enzymes, but age, nutrient deficiencies, processed foods, and all the other well-recognized stresses reduce our ability to produce them. This is a huge problem..

This book did quite a good job at explaining the enzyme concept in general, and how using certain enzymes can improve certain health conditions.

My main criticism is that there is a specific product line recommended in each case, and the ingredients were not listed. So to find out what exactly was recommended I have to look up the ingredients online. That is annoying.

Also, though various nutrients were also recommended, I wish that both nutrition and enzymes were emphasized. For any of us to have a complete health-promoting regimen, we need both enzymes AND nutrients - they work together.

Overall I recommend this book.

Coming sometime soon I will record a long podcast episode about enzymes and raw foods, going through several books on the subject, including this one. Stay tuned. Notus & Friends podcast.