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The Freemasons - Jasper Ridley

I didn’t like this book, but I know that I am very biased.

We hear so much about Freemasons, satanism, symbolism, etc., in politics, media, entertainment, etc. We hear so much yet this book completely disregards all of it.

“Nothing to worry about”, according to this book. Everything we’ve ever heard is just silly nonsense. Freemasons are good, charitable, equitable people who only want what’s best for society. I can hear a lot of you say “give me a break!”, and I’m with you.

To “disprove” the claims in this book we are now forced into the position of proving a negative, which is practically impossible. I’m not saying we should just blindly believe either side of the argument, but I happen to favor evidence, rather than a simple confident redirect.

I suspect this book is a sham. The author very clearly supports Freemasonry, though I don’t know if he is a member. I am biased but so is the author. I cannot throw away every piece of evidence just because this book dismisses it. (Especially in the 20+ years since this was written, evidence has become more and more blatant).

I’m also not saying that Freemasons are to blame for all the worlds problems - but I DEFINITELY believe they’re behind some (many) of them.

Having said all of that, I can’t tell you NOT to read this just because I disagree. If you’re interested in this subject you need to be exposed to both poles of opinion. I found this book frustrating and boring but, it would be intellectually dishonest to just read things I agree with.