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The Friendship Factor - Alan Low McGinnis

This just became my favorite relationship book.

Many relationship books contradict themselves and other books in the genre, but this one I think is the clearest and most flexible friendship system I have seen.

In modern times we have a lot of problems with our relationships. Good relationships, like a good investment portfolio, will not happen by accident. It will require study and systems.

Further, our ability to give and receive love is compromised by our lack of this “friendship factor”, and it would do us all a lot of good if this book was more widely practiced.

It is quite interesting to reflect on the last decades of self help books, because in 2020 our world shifted completely and changed many of our motivations - many people have changed their career plans and now realize they had also neglected their relationships in the “rat race”.

If the would ever opens back up I think we will be more grounded in our families and friends than before, as we can see how fragile the other things in life can be.

This book is over 40 years old, but I have not read a good relationship book published in the last 20 years at all. I think we have pulled away from good relationships in modern times and it’s one of the biggest problems in the world.

Highly recommend to everyone.