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The Hacking of the American Mind

This book was pretty good!

Lustig is a relatively famous anti-sugar crusader, and that is a big part of his message - that overloading our dopamine system with processed food has “hacked” our ability to be satisfied and happy.

Lustig covers corporate and government actions that have made poor quality foods widely available and cheap, which he argues has harmed our physical AND mental well-being.

A lot of the book is about the differences between our dopamine (reward), and serotonin (contentment) systems. He describes what foods and activities contribute to both, and how we suffer when dopamine is favored over serotonin.

I enjoyed the book. Lustig is a good writer, is easy to understand, and uses a lot of cultural references and slight jokes to explain technical and dry concepts. His thesis was clear and I think he explained it perfectly.

I recommend this book.