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The Ion Effect - Fred Soyka

This book was extremely interesting.

In the health business we talk a lot about frequencies, but ions are something altogether different, and they also affect our health and moods.

For years I’ve been saying things about ions that honestly, I wasn’t sure where the information even came from. This book clarifies much of that, and happily confirms and expands on everything we already say about ions.

This book was written in 1977, long before the proliferation of wireless technologies like cell phone towers, so all of the research outlined is completely aside from the also-huge issue of bad frequencies in our environment. Adding those two problems together creates a frightening picture of the magnitude of the electrical problem we face as a species.

This is one of those books, having been written so long ago, that amazes and enrages me that nothing has been done with this information. A lot has been added to our knowledge since 1977, yet absolutely none of it has been implemented - actually, our environmental situation is much, much worse now.

This is also a topic everyone should know about. As far as folk wisdom goes back, humans have believed in a relationship between “bad winds”, the phase of the moon, the “good energy” from beaches and spas, and modern science has actually detailed why and how the folk wisdom was correct.

I recommend everyone read this book. It’s not large or technical, but it is very dense, incredibly interesting, and we would live in a better world if ions were better understood.

This has almost nothing to do with frequencies. If you think you know about EMF, you must add ions into your knowledge too.